From the recording WIZDOM

In order of appearance

Intro- Hip Hop Jones

Da wizard- DoomDaWiz

Menace - Mikey D

Interlude-Too Hot

Badder Than Bad - John Jigg$

Y’all Fucked Up Now- M.O.U.F

State 2 State - Rockwelz Forbes

Corporate Slaves (interlude beat)

Embrace y’all with napalm


60 seconds of madness- HighLifeHalf

Flash (interlude beat)

All before - Ja Rajeem

Doom is in da building-DoomDaWiz

U lose (interlude beat)

Scooby Snacks - Brix

Rules to dis shit- Konflik

Meet Joe Mack- Joe Mack

Treats (interlude beat)

Boogie Down- Grandmaster Caz

Snipers Breath -

St1ckz Diamondeyez

Play no shit- DoomDaWiz & HighLifeHalf

U be lying-(interlude beat)

Hip2dagame - M.O.U.F

So fuckin ILL- Bird

Shout outs

Hip Hop Oxygen-

Emskee (The Good People

Lyrical Cocaine-

Saint (The Good People)

Grown Folks Talking-

Peter Sparker

Why u Mad - DoomDaWiz ft. Twistar

Holla back- HighLifeHalf

Give it up- (interlude beat)

Not like these other rappers -


Bang 9- DoomDaWiz

Rhyme Animal- Learic

Sweet ass and half a titty-(interlude beat)

I roll Sanford & Son- Greasy P

Time Out - Raw Deff

OG Purp-

DoomDaWiz & Hostile

Da Wiz (interlude beat)

So Hard- DoomDaWiz


BronxRico- Crotona P BX

Work It -

DoomDaWiz & HighLifeHalf

Late Bloomer- Lot Pacosso

Blessed Souls -

Eddie Brock 661

Danger - Mar Rahqid

The 45 -(interlude beat)

Crimes Heads - Cuban Pete

East Coast Rep- DoomDaWiz

Keep u in Da Loop- DRock

Streets was my playground-